Complete Tour of the MAD 1 Campervan

Episode 5:

I have finally arrived in New Zealand! Ever wanted to know what is packed into a campervan to sustain life and travel on the road?

Watch for a full walk-through of the MAD 1 campervan by Mad Campers.  I got a full briefing before I took this baby out on my latest road trip around the South Island of New Zealand.

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  • Actually it is false to state that you must be certified self contained to freedom camp in New Zealand and making such false statements can see you in breach of Consumer law.


    • Making threats of legal action against someone without first trying to resolve an issue does not set the stage for amicable discourse. If there is a statement that is incorrect on my website, I’m happy to look into it and make necessary corrections. It would’ve been helpful to provide me with the correct information/what the law actually is instead of making a blanket statement that an assertion is wrong.


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