Hi! I’m Kimberly

Artist and Attorney currently living in Atlanta, Georgia 

I didn’t set out to be a solo traveler. It just happened.

I was always fascinated with travel from an early age but my family couldn’t really afford the luxury. The only place I visited outside of the United States before 2013 was Cancun. And let’s be honest, that didn’t really count – it was mostly spring break partying with Howard friends.

Once I finished law school at Emory and got in a better financial position, my travel dreams were no longer seeming unattainable. 

In 2013, I went to Thailand with a friend. My first real international trip! We traveled together again to South Africa the following year. She was a great travel buddy but our different schedules kept us from maintaining the consistency I wanted. I found myself doing a lot of waiting…. I had a whole world to see!

In 2015, I found an $80 roundtrip ticket from Washington, D.C. (my former home) to Las Vegas. I bought it instantly.  I told a couple of people about it but no one could go.  I was bummed.  I couldn’t – rather – I didn’t want to go alone.  The ticket was so cheap I almost ate the cost and just stayed home.  But in that moment, I decided not having anyone to go with was not a good enough reason.  I wanted to see the world!  I had already waited long enough.  What was really stopping me?  Nothing!  Only my perceived fear and discomfort.  Only my mistaken belief that I needed to have someone else with me.  Was I really going to let life pass me by because I waited on other people?

“Was I really going to let life pass me by because I waited on other people?”

Thankfully my answer was, “No.”  I took ownership over what I wanted and went on that trip, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Now, I really enjoy traveling solo, and I’ve gained a lot of experience maneuvering through different countries as a solo female.  Although I treasure travel with family and friends too, solo travel has empowered me and shown me that I can do anything! The spiritual growth and the connections I’ve made with strangers from around the world are invaluable.

Since 2014, I have been on countless solo trips, both domestic and international. I get questions all the time about why and how I solo travel. I hope this site helps to dispel the misconceptions about traveling solo.

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