If you could get on a plane and go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?  

What adventures would you have? Would you go on a yoga retreat in India? Explore ancient ruins in Rome? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish in South America? Or taste authentic Thai food in Thailand? The possibilities are endless.

Are you concerned about finding the time and money?  Don’t know where to start?  Can’t find anyone to go with?  The truth is, to travel, you will need some time and money.  And you’ll also need to plan. But whatever your travel dreams are, one thing you absolutely do not need to worry about is finding people to go with.  You can go alone!  Traveling solo to foreign places may seem scary and unconventional, but in reality it is almost never lonely and always a rewarding experience.  Solo travel provides a unique perspective of yourself and the world around you – one that will positively affect your life!

I’m here to give you that extra push you need to book your next solo trip and make your travel dreams come true.  Follow this blog and my Instagram to read about my solo adventures in over 20 countries and to learn about how you can be a Solo Wanderer® too!

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