6 Of The Most Visually Stunning Destinations in the World

If you’re looking to be impressed by natural scenery, check out these six visually stunning destinations that will take your breath away:

#1 Canada

There is no lack of scenery in Canada.  Places like Banff National Park in Alberta and the backcountry of British Columbia will effortlessly give you a hefty dose of picture perfect wilderness views.  Check out this tourism website for Canada here.

#2 Maui, Hawaii 

Maui is a magical place.  It boasts a relaxed atmosphere.  The beaches are top notch.  Plenty of waves for surfing.  Endless hiking trails through lush green tropical rainforests and jungles where you will explore forests, volcanoes and hundreds of waterfalls for days.  It’s a spiritual situation that leaves nothing to be desired.  Check out the official tourism website for Maui here.

#3 Iceland

Being in Iceland is like stepping foot onto another planet.  In every direction you turn, there is something to delight the eyes.  Rainbows, waterfalls, glaciers, moss-covered lava rocks, pristine black sand beaches, canyons, geysers…I could go on.  I almost forgot to mention the Northern Lights, a natural light phenomenon in the Earth’s sky.  Oh, sweet Aurora!  Check out the official tourism website for Iceland here.

#4 South Island, New Zealand 

Another picturesque location is the South Island of New Zealand.  With more open land (and sheep) than cities or towns and people, the South Island has plenty of natural resources to romance the adventurous spirit.  Check out the official tourism website for New Zealand here.

#5 Jordan

Sure, if you stick to the city of Amman, your views will mostly be of the thousands of yellowish-looking concrete buildings stacked on hills that all look the same (which really has its own charm).  But if you head north to Jerash or down south to Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea, for example, Jordan shows us the desert side of natural beauty and how ancient technology used by humans thousands of years ago still amazes us today.  Check out the official tourism website for Jordan here.

#6 Cyprus

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus – not quite Greek, not quite Turkish.  It’s Cypriot.  Nestled south of Turkey and Greece, and north of Egypt, this island features glass blue-looking ocean waters, amazing rock formations, and incredible sunsets. Check out the official tourism website for Cyprus here.


Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?  Drop a comment below and let me know! 

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